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Appliance Services That Matter Most.

Taking care of your appliances through regular service and maintenance should be a top priority.

Whether it is cleaning of dryer vents, condenser coils on refrigerators, water pump filters on washers or greasing the moving parts such as fans on refrigerators or bearings and rollers on washers and dryers. Not to mention checking water lines and hoses to make sure they are not leaking and causing damage to your walls and floors.

Call us today at 800.967.7012 to schedule a service appointment and keep your appliances properly maintained.

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Proper Maintenance Pays Off.

Appliances need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis to keep them running at peak efficiency.

There are many reasons to do it, like savings on your energy bill or avoiding the cost of having to buy a new appliance due to premature breakdown. Avoiding that serious catastrophe, like a house flood, is not difficult. But neglecting the maintenance of appliances can be costly.

Don't miss the opportunity to save money. Give us a call today at 800.967.7012 and we will make sure your appliance is performing at peak efficiency, helping you avoid any unforeseen problems.

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Repair Service You Can Always Trust.

Budget Appliance Service provides factory trained expertise utilizing factory authorized parts. This ensures that the manufacturer's warranty is passed on to our customers. We guarantee our labor.

Our technicians carry most parts in stock and try to finish the job the same day. Once our factory trained technicians identify the problem, you are provided with a written estimate which is always in accordance with fair, national market rates for the appliance repair industry. We keep the appliance repair area clean and ensure complete satisfaction. Our customers love us and know we are always a quick phone call away!

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Free Service Calls.

Budget Appliance Service stands behind every repair job completely. We specialize in all major appliances from dishwashers and garbage disposals, to water heaters and fridge repair. As part of our superior customer service, we provide a free service call with any repair work. Call us today at 800-967-7012 to schedule your appointment.

Appliance Repair Q&A

Should I clean the condenser coils on my refrigerator?

YES. About every 6 months-1 year. Every 3 months if you have pets, as animal fur is known for clogging the coils. A thorough cleaning will provide for better compressor ventilation. Thus, prolonging the life of your refrigerator, allowing it to work at full efficiency, and saving you money on your energy bill. Same is true for interior dryer vents.

Do you provide emergency repair and service? Does it cost extra?

YES. We can typically come out for an emergency repair the same day or even within a couple of hours or minutes (depending on the current location of our technicians). NO you will not be charged extra for this type of a call.

Is there a service call fee if you perform work on my appliances?

NO. If we perform any repair or service, the service call fee will be waived and you will only be charged for parts and labor.

Is you company licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

YES. We are a licensed by the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair and are bonded and insured as well. Call us today at 800.967.7012 if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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